Mom and Baby Poll Dancing

Ten pounds of extra weight can really take a work out up a notch. That’s what moms in Manchester United Kingdom are learning in their Mommy and Me poll dancing class as they swing their babies around in aerials and loops.

The poll and aerial hoop class was establish by a woman who is a mother to a toddler. When she first had her baby she was frustrated by the lack of exercise options she had for getting back in shape. Oh there were gyms a plenty in Manchester. There were even female only gyms that provided child care, but not for babies, only for children old enough to use the toilet by themselves. So in addition to paying for a gym membership fee she had to pay a babysitter. That’s what gave her the idea to set up a fitness environment where it would be safe and fun for moms to bring their babies with them.

While these classes are all the rage in Manchester, England, for mothers of newborns here in the United States the options for fitness centers that have baby child care remain limited. To quickly get rid of your pregnancy fat come to Women First for SmartLipo Triplex, a minimally invasive permanent fat removal procedure with only a 3 day recovery (because we know how busy new moms are). Book your appointment online for a SmartLipo Triplex consultation now so that you can get the procedure soon after your baby arrives.