Is Marijuana use during pregnancy harmful to the growing fetus?

In states where Marijuana use is recreationally legal, use among pregnant woman has increased. There’s even a Facebook group for pot smoking moms. It’s called Pot Smoking Moms Who Cuss Sometimes. Scientists say there just is not enough evidence to be sure that smoking pot during pregnancy is safe and what studies there are indicate that it is poses a risk.

Studies about children exposed to THC in the womb seem to indicate that they have more behavior problems by age 14 and that, as small children, they are slower to develop motor skills. Studies done on THC passed to nursing babies through breastmilk are not plentiful enough to draw many general conclusions.

Still, some moms feel marijuana is a “natural” alternative to the opiate based drugs that can be prescribed by doctors for pregnant mothers and mothers with babies for pain. They also see marijuana as a natural alternative that is safer than pharmaceuticals prescribed for post partum depression. Right now the science does not support this view.

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