10 Rules for test driving baby names

  • Use the name to place an order at a place where your name is called when the order is ready. How do you feel when the name is called?
  • Don’t get caught up in fad names based on popular culture. Napolean Dynomite is not a hot name any longer.
  • How easy, or hard, is it to smoothly sing the song “Happy Birthday” using the name?
  • Go to a crowded playground and yell a reprimand like “Beauregard, it is NOT your turn on the slide yet!” . Would you take yourself seriously
  • What does the name mean in the languages spoken by the ethnic groups most largely represented in your city or metro area?
  • Search the name online to make sure it is not the name of someone infamous
  • Make sure the name is not associated so closely with a super well known person that unrealistic expectations will be set up. It might not be a good time to name your baby boy Obama. In 25 years maybe, but not now.
  • Avoid names so common that there are already three kids in the local kindergarten class with that name.
  • Avoid names that have a bad emotional association for either of the parents
  • Avoid names that make it easy for mean little kids to make the names into a horrible taunt

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