Sexual Health News You Can Use July 2018

5 Vagina Symptoms Decoded Every woman's vagina is different. Here's some clues about when something is normal and when something means you need an appointment with our gynecology staff here at women's first. https://youtu.be/eJfg_77rT_Y

Ten vagina facts you may not know

With the iconic women's body encyclopedia Our Bodies Ourselves announcing that it is going out of print, authors and doctors Nina Brochmann, MD, and Ellen Stokken Dahl have just published what they hope to be the definitive book about at least one part of women's selves, the vagina. The Wonder Down Under ($16.83 paperback on

Women should not have to endure period pain.

Dr. Catherine Allaire wants the medical establishment to stop telling women to suck it up when it comes to the pain of endometriosis. Dr. Allaire has heard from woman after woman who has a story of being told that her super painful period cramps were just a part of life. It took some of these