Is What You Are Eating During Pregnancy Going To Give Allergies To Your Baby?

What roll does the nutritional intake of moms while pregnant play in the development of allergies in newborns? Can the way moms eat while the baby is breastfeeding keep the baby from developing atopic conditions such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjuctivitis and asthma? Optimum Nutrition Magazine looked at this issue and drew some interesting conclusions.

  • Eating lipids during pregnancy may decrease the likelihood of babies having allergies.
  • Eating foods rich with beta-carotene while pregnant may keep babies from developing eczema.
  • Eating peanuts during pregnancy may reduce the risk of asthma in babies.
  • Eating vitamin E while pregnant may reduce the risk of respiratory system allergies in babies.
  • Getting plenty of vitamin D during pregnancy may reduce the risk of hay fever in babies.
  • Participating in stress reducing activities such as exercise and meditation while pregnant can reduce the risk of asthma in babies, especially baby girls.

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To read the entire article in Optimum Nutrition Magazine, follow this link:

How to avoid food allergies in babies

To avoid baby nut allergy, eat nuts while pregnant.