Women should not have to endure period pain.

Dr. Catherine Allaire wants the medical establishment to stop telling women to suck it up when it comes to the pain of endometriosis. Dr. Allaire has heard from woman after woman who has a story of being told that her super painful period cramps were just a part of life. It took some of these women years to get the proper diagnosis of endometriosis.

Dr. Allaire says this frequent under diagnosis is due to the society in general in the United States being overly accepting of women’s physical pain. Dr. Allaire says female pain has been so normalized that it is causing physicians to overlook legitimate health concerns women have. By the time a patient gets to Dr. Allaire, many of them have seen up to five (typically male) doctors who were unable to diagnose their endometriosis.

To be fair, Dr. Allaire does admit that endometriosis can be difficult to diagnose, as the video below explains.
What endometriosis is and why is is so difficult to diagnose

But the largest reason for the misdiagnosis is the medical establisment’s straight up misunderstanding about menstrual cycle pain.

Here at Women First OB/GYN we take all of women’s pain seriously. The professional and compassionate staff will look at patient concerns, patient medical history, the current prescriptions a patient is on and patient lifestyle to come up with the correct analysis about a patient’s pain condition. Then the patient will be educated with all the available options regarding treating that pain.

For painful periods Women First offers the Novosure procedure, covered by most insurance policies.

Novasure for painful or heavy menstrual periods

For pain during sex, Women First offers vaginal rejuvenation with FemTouch

Femtouch, to tighten and remoisten the vagina

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Listen to the rest of Dr. Allaire’s interview on CBC using the player below.