The Korean “Year Of The Dog” may mean a higher birth rate

Will Korean birth rates rise as Koreans make an effort to get pregnant during the Chinese zodiac Year Of The Dog? It's considered a particularly lucky year. The last year of the dog, 2007, saw a ten percent birth rate jump in Korea. Listen to the story from Public Radio International in the player below:

10 Rules for test driving baby names

Use the name to place an order at a place where your name is called when the order is ready. How do you feel when the name is called? Don't get caught up in fad names based on popular culture. Napolean Dynomite is not a hot name any longer. How easy, or hard, is it

No you are not crazy, “Baby Brain” is real

Memory and concentration are just two of the cognitive abilities negatively impacted by the physiological changes women's bodies undergo during pregnancy. The so called "Baby Brain" is reported by over 60% of pregnant women. It used to be considered just a myth but research from Deakin University in Australia now suggests it is quite real.

What risks do epilepsy drugs present to fetuses?

There is a rather effective drug for treating epilepsy called Topiramate. The problem is, while it is quite effective at suppressing epileptic fits, in pregnant women it increases the chances that a baby will be born with a cleft lip by twelvefold. But that is not the quandary, because cleft lip surgery on babies is

High risk pregnancy leads to higher risk for heart disease

Women with any kind of complications during their pregnancy are eight times more likely to have heart health issues long after their child bearing years are over. The heart disease risk is pronounced for women who have pregnancy related diabetes or pregnancy related high blood pressure. But the risk is also there for women who

Mom and Baby Poll Dancing

Ten pounds of extra weight can really take a work out up a notch. That's what moms in Manchester United Kingdom are learning in their Mommy and Me poll dancing class as they swing their babies around in aerials and loops. The poll and aerial hoop class was establish by a woman who is a

A pregnancy photo shoot – of Dad

Nick Roberts was happy to learn that his girlfriend Brianna was expecting a baby. So he decided to give her a gift he thought would be really unique. He gave her images from a professional pregnancy photo shoot. But the images were - of him. Listen to the story from NPR's "Morning Edition" below

Is Marijuana use during pregnancy harmful to the growing fetus?

In states where Marijuana use is recreationally legal, use among pregnant woman has increased. There's even a Facebook group for pot smoking moms. It's called Pot Smoking Moms Who Cuss Sometimes. Scientists say there just is not enough evidence to be sure that smoking pot during pregnancy is safe and what studies there are indicate

New Prenatal Memories Commercial

The Prenatal Memories commercial is now running on WAVY-TV here in the Hampton Roads region.  We had a great time working with Fresh Level Productions. The staff they sent over to pose as patients were just terrific.