Sexual Health News You Can Use July 2018

5 Vagina Symptoms Decoded Every woman's vagina is different. Here's some clues about when something is normal and when something means you need an appointment with our gynecology staff here at women's first.

Veterans with PTSD sexually dysfunctional

This memorial day we remember the sacrifices of men and women who, now departed, served the country in the U.S. military. But what about the sacrifices of those who are still right here with us. Many veterans struggle with issues after service that make sexual intimacy with their spouses or partners challenging. It is obvious

Virginia is lousy with ticks

With summer around the corner the days are getting warmer and more shorts, tank tops and flip flops are appearing. But with those more skin exposed clothing choices come some fairly serious risks. Virginia is seeing a growing number of tick infections in the past twelve months, including the types of ticks that carry Lyme

7 Big body changes that come with pregnancy

Hormone changes during pregnancy may cause hyper pigmentation in the nipples and down the center of the abdomen. The hyper pigmentation down the center of the abdomen is called linea nigra and is most prominent during the third trimester. Hopefully the pustules you see in image won't be the ones you see

Ten vagina facts you may not know

With the iconic women's body encyclopedia Our Bodies Ourselves announcing that it is going out of print, authors and doctors Nina Brochmann, MD, and Ellen Stokken Dahl have just published what they hope to be the definitive book about at least one part of women's selves, the vagina. The Wonder Down Under ($16.83 paperback on

Women should not have to endure period pain.

Dr. Catherine Allaire wants the medical establishment to stop telling women to suck it up when it comes to the pain of endometriosis. Dr. Allaire has heard from woman after woman who has a story of being told that her super painful period cramps were just a part of life. It took some of these

Is What You Are Eating During Pregnancy Going To Give Allergies To Your Baby?

What roll does the nutritional intake of moms while pregnant play in the development of allergies in newborns? Can the way moms eat while the baby is breastfeeding keep the baby from developing atopic conditions such as eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjuctivitis and asthma? Optimum Nutrition Magazine looked at this issue and drew some interesting

The Keys to Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

A fit mom means an easier delivery and a healthier newborn baby. A fit new mother means less stress for baby and mom. But what types of prenatal fitness and postnatal fitness regimes are safe, effective and fun for new moms? Tally, Zanna and Vic from the BBC program Fit and Fearless are joined by

Painkillers in pregnancy may affect babies’ future fertility

A study done by Edinburgh University in the United Kingdom found that babies exposed to painkillers during gestation may end up with fertility problems later in life. The study also indicated that the way the painkillers impact on fertility, by actually influencing the DNA of the baby, means the consequences could be passed down to